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Home décor idea with a Chic vibe!

If you are redecorating or decorating your house, one of the most recommended vibes to add to your home décor is the Chic Vibe. A chic vibe is like adding an essence of the latest trends in your homes like handmade painting, wall hanging, trendy wall clocks, beautiful wall mirrors with not too loud but a pretty décor. If you are willing to provide a refined look to your home wherein, you feel fresh, entering even after a tiring day makes this your perfect decorating idea.   Chic is originally a French word and element of fashion family, which means sophisticated, adaptation from something vogue and smart elegant style.   Here are a few ways you can add a chic...

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5 mistakes one makes while decorating their homes!

Home decor is something that does not have any specific order or way of doing. It comes naturally according to the owner’s taste, personality, and whatever makes them comfortable. Sometimes we don’t understand what is missing or what things do not fit in the picture! These mistakes can spoil the comfort and look of our luxury home decor. Below are some common mistakes that we overlook while decorating our homes and can make a huge difference:  Short heightened curtains-To manipulate your vacant window space does not choose short heightened curtains. To increase the area, hang your curtains to a proper level wherein it’s not too low and not too high. Due to the uneven part covering the window can feel...

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How adding a Canvas Print to your home décor makes it exquisite

Your comfort lies in the way your place is maintained with the top trending collection. When you design your room with handmade paintings and your preferred family photos, it turns out to be even better than you thought. Articulating different and creative thoughts rises when you are in that space where positive vibes are circulated with the home’s decoration as per your choice. Canvas prints are one of the significant additions these days to home decors. They add a different perspective to the room. Just to be clear, canvas prints and canvas paintings are two separate things and artistic concepts. A canvas print is printed from an inkjet printer and, once drawn out, is stretched onto a canvas frame, whereas...

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5 Ways to Hang Wall Décor

"Be faithful to your taste, because nothing you like is ever out of style." —Billy Baldwin   Following are some ways to find a perfect place and styles for your wall hangings: Arrange pictures on the wall before putting hammer and nail- Put your paintings on a table and arrange them in the order you like. Layout a large piece of wrapping paper or decorative sheet of your choice and trace it around the edges of the paintings. Punch holes or draw a mark on the sheet for the hanging points from the back of the pieces. Now take the paper and put it on the wall and hammer the nails into the wall with the help of the markings...

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Why abstract art is beautiful

Have you ever visited a gallery or stared at a painting feeling bewildered? Has the feeling been a little uncomfortable or less understandable? Have you ever had to scratch your head looking for the actual meaning of the painting? The ambiguous thoughts and sight that have seen various patterns, colors, and strokes looking where the painting is leading you is "Abstract Art". It is of great importance in an artist's life and a blessing to know this form of art. This creation is not a natural talent instead is a work of an excellent hand that has possibly used all kinds of brushes in painting and composition. This form requires a little in-depth look at the creative end. Therefore, it...

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