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4 tips to mix and match modern and Indian décor!

Decorating a house usually gives homely vibes than an empty space with bare walls and dull surroundings. Whether it is the furniture or the décor, every aspect is essential to glisten a home’s charm. Everyone looks forth to create a haven for themselves while imagining decoration. It is not a compulsion that only modern or traditional will do the justice to your house. The choice completely depends on you as to what you are willing to choose. It can be either of them or both of them. Yes, heard me right you can choose both and add them together in your homes. With this choice you will have both styles in your home. There are numerous ways you can mix...

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The flawless spot of a Wall Lamp!

"When darkness succumbs your soul the eyes altogether search for a soft and safe spot to comfort the feeble mind meandering everywhere." When an un-illuminated incident glooms away your light and all you feel is doomed, a minor spark is all you require to uplift you. Your sight demands comfort and so does your soul. A tiresome day full of routine chores and socializing leads up to a situation where you need yourself to be silent and in serendipity. Many things can help you gain comfort from your heavy baggage and lets you smile away as your soul has relaxed. It is quite amusing and surprising how a wall lamp can create a big difference in giving you the comfort...

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