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5 Ways to Hang Wall Décor

"Be faithful to your taste, because nothing you like is ever out of style." —Billy Baldwin   Following are some ways to find a perfect place and styles for your wall hangings: Arrange pictures on the wall before putting hammer and nail- Put your paintings on a table and arrange them in the order you like. Layout a large piece of wrapping paper or decorative sheet of your choice and trace it around the edges of the paintings. Punch holes or draw a mark on the sheet for the hanging points from the back of the pieces. Now take the paper and put it on the wall and hammer the nails into the wall with the help of the markings...

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Everything’s Better with Wall Planters!

Have you ever heard of a vertical garden or of a contemporary hanging planter? If you have heard of green or live walls, then you almost certainly realize the trend of hanging wall planters. Lots of people are taking this trend into their homes by making use of wall planters to start building their indoor gardens. Hanging wall planters is getting popular as people realize their versatility. They might be hung in our homes to showcase a trendy interior design or be displayed in offices and conference rooms to spruce up a dull corporate environment. Building an indoor garden can help to keep your home insulated from noise, pollution, and warmth also. Consequently, the planters can control the temperature of...

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