5 Ways to Hang Wall Décor Writings On The Wall

5 Ways to Hang Wall Décor

"Be faithful to your taste, because nothing you like is ever out of style." —Billy Baldwin


Wall hangings by Writings On The Wall

Following are some ways to find a perfect place and styles for your hanging wall decor or wall hangings:

Arrange pictures on the wall before putting hammer and nail-

Put your paintings on a table and arrange them in the order you like. Layout a large piece of wrapping paper or decorative sheet of your choice and trace it around the edges of the paintings. Punch holes or draw a mark on the sheet for the hanging points from the back of the pieces. Now take the paper and put it on the wall and hammer the nails into the wall with the help of the markings on the paper. Hence remove the paper and now you have the perfect setting for your wall hangings.

Place the hangings at eye level-

If you want to hang just one picture, then there is not much to think about. But if you have a bunch of paintings to be hung, then you should keep some things in mind. For multiple paintings, it is always advised to arrange them in a geometrical shape like a square or a diamond. This will make your wall look more organized and attractive. Also, it is important to place the pictures matching the eye level as it becomes the center point of the room and gathers more attention.

The size of the hanging matters-

One should make sure that the size (basically width) of the artwork is less than the size of the furniture in that room. It can be around 50-75% of the width of the furniture. This makes sure that the wall hangings complement the furniture instead of disturbing its focus.

Placement of your paintings should be symmetrical-

The shape, size, color, and texture of the painting make a huge difference in the outlook of your room. The paintings should create a visual balance in your room. There are numerous ways by which you can arrange the paintings symmetrically. Some of them are as follows-

  • If you are arranging the artwork in a square or diamond form, then make sure to keep them compact. All the paintings should have a minimum distance between them like 6" apart at most.
  • If you three paintings then try hanging them vertically. For equal distancing, you can place your hand in between them before fixing them on the wall. This pattern mostly works for living rooms and dining rooms as it gives volume to your room without appearing crowded.

Method to hang pictures on different types of walls-

We have different types of walls in different rooms and the method to hang paintings on them also differs. So here are some methods to hang pictures on different types of walls:

  • Concrete wall or brick walls- To hang artwork on such walls you can use lead wall plugs to support hanging screws. 
  • Paneled wall- In this case, wood screws are the best option to put a wall hanging. With its jagged groves and barbed ends, it is easy to install which can be done just with the help of a screwdriver.
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