Why abstract art is beautiful Writings On The Wall

Why abstract art is beautiful

Have you ever visited a gallery or stared at a painting feeling bewildered? Has the feeling been a little uncomfortable or less understandable? Have you ever had to scratch your head looking for the actual meaning of the painting?

abstract art by writings on the wall

The ambiguous thoughts and sight that have seen various patterns, colors, and strokes looking where the painting is leading you is "Abstract Art". It is of great importance in an artist's life and a blessing to know this form of art. This creation is not a natural talent instead is a work of an excellent hand that has possibly used all kinds of brushes in painting and composition. This form requires a little in-depth look at the creative end. Therefore, it is suggested to go with the flow as to wherever the painting takes you.

Abstract art was formed at the fold of the 20th century. This is a real-life presentation that helps in looking on the other side of the river with its various colors and forms. Wassily Kandinsky is the pioneer of this European form of art. His compositions are claimed to be one of the finest abstract creations in history. Kandinsky took up painting by chance and rather late in life when he was already 30 years old. Before that time, he was a lawyer and a successful one. He was invited to the most prestigious universities to give lectures on law. Art being a three-letter word holds a very strong meaning within, that is undefined. It is basically how strong your connection builds while looking at a creation. In this, you just need to wander your eyes all over the painting and let your entire self get completely involved. Do not judge solely by the looks. Every stroke will act as a comforting feeling and lead you to a story that has never been explored. This art form is surviving in the world even now in various forms. It is wide or small, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional. This form of art can be made different types of materials on types of surfaces. It also can be put to use in concerts and various other platforms in the form of representational art. Abstract art remains art if your mind doesn't act as a barrier while working on it.

The subtlety of this art conveys a strong message of how deep the meaning of this painting is. It is about conveying a realistic concept with colors or monochrome. When one is looking at the painting they should give it an open and broad-minded approach otherwise you will be unable to understand the concept at all. Abstract art is like just looking at the clouds without questioning it and grasp the positivity it extracts.

This is a pathway to freedom as you can assign your meaning to the painting.

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