The 60-30-10 Decorating Rule! Writings On The Wall

The 60-30-10 Decorating Rule!

Colors and décor items add a grace and positive aura in everyone’s home. Home décor is a little tricky business that can sway your ambiguity while making selections to add light to your room with a breath of artistic air. Even though things get difficult because you have so many options to choose that you cannot come down to one or even shortlist them do not worry for the same as we have got you covered. There is always a solution to every problem just need to dig little deeper and at times the solution is right in front of you it is just that you fail to notice. Décor too has an extraordinary rule which is actually quite ordinary in its nature and very much visible to the naked eye if seen carefully. The rule is known as 60-30-10 decorating rule.

Confused? Many questions popping up in mind?

Let us sort this out for you by showing you the real face. It will definitely stun you as it has always been there in front of you but you ignored it unintentionally.

Let’s resolve the mystery and get talking.

What is 60-30-10 rule of decorating?

Commencing with the first part and that is:

  • 60% rule: When someone walks in a room and the first color they notice of your room tagging it as “oh wow your room’s color is blue”. Quite a simple statement but has a strong meaning behind it. This color is the one that reflects your main choice for the room décor. This is your dominating color that overlooks the rest hidden beneath. 60 % involves your most dominant color of the room. The one you want people to eye at and look appreciative towards. This is the start of creating your color palette for the room.


  • 30% rule: The texture that clicks the person’s instincts is your secondary color calling it the 30% rule. Another addition to your color palette. Doesn’t this make it easy for you? When it comes to selection the rule carries a great benefit. It helps you sort yourself out of color selections. This usually involves the contrasting effect like chairs, painted furniture, walls etc... This behaves like a supporting artist who isn’t here to steal the spotlight.


  • 10% rule: this last 10 % is basically known to be just an accent in the room. Not too over the top but like an underdog. Complementing the room in a different and fun way. Just like an add-on to complete a particular room décor. Blending colors can be a difficult task therefore this helps in the completion of the color palette selection and quite easily helps you with making choices. This adds fun to the décor of your room by adding wall hangings, wall clocks, wall paintings and various types of accessories giving a complete look to your room.


It isn’t a compulsion to measure the percentage and get worked up too hard just keep in mind the fact that you need to choose a dominant color and the rest two should be slightly below it. This is the elegance and essence of this rule that states perfection and beauty.

60% dominant+ 30% secondary+ 10% accent= Perfection!

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