Five Easy Rules Of Bedroom Decor Writings On The Wall

Five Easy Rules Of Bedroom Decor

You might have selected a common decoration style for your entire home, but each room has its own purpose and should be styled accordingly. Your bedroom is usually the most rejuvenating space for you and an intimate getaway from the world. This trait of privacy makes it the most valuable space to be styled in your household. Your bedroom can be a glimpse of your personality as well as your chamber of comfort.

You spend approximately one-third of your life in bedroom, so you should be precise while considering ideas for redesigning it. So, this year, pledge for a bedroom makeover using these stylish yet contemporary ideas:

  1. Go green with beautiful wall hanging plants:
    Give your bedroom a fresh breezy look by using wall planters to rejuvenate your dull walls. These planters superbly compliment a well-lit room with white walls. They are not only a treat to your eyes but they also regulate the temperature of your room according to the climate conditions. 


  1. Add that pristine white to your space:
    Everyone likes the idea of relaxing in a luxurious hotel room. It’s comfy white bedroom linens, white furnishings and white luxury elements combine to make it the dreamiest place to relax. So why not turn your bedroom into this relaxing heaven. A bedroom done in pure white hues can provide that much needed peaceful environment for its inhabitants.


  1. Add that essential dose of sunshine:
    Large glass doors and windows ensuring that blissful dose of sunlight will brighten up your room. Not much lighting is required for this design except for a little mood lighting for the evenings. This setup is going to save a lot upon your electricity bills too.


  1. Add abstract art pieces to brighten up white walls:
    A bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, calm neutral colours seem to be the best solution for the decoration. At the same time, this room is your personal and private space, so if you feel well among acid colours or unusual combinations, allow yourself a free choice when it comes about abstract oil painting. Check out our bedroom abstract art selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces. Here are a few suggestions for you:
    • Woman illustration painting

    • Abstract Buddha painting

    • Retro woman painting


  1. Personalization is the key element:
    Give your bedroom a touch of your personality – go for a personalized bedroom.  Sporty, boho-chic, girly or laid-back – your space should say that out loud if you choose to go for this concept. Be selective about the souvenirs and décor pieces make sure they do not steal that appealing look away.

Last but not the least, we would like to give you 5 rules of bedroom décor that will give your room that wow factor! 


 An infographic on 5 rules of décor to have a beautiful bedroom


We hope that you have been inspired by these tips on how to decorate a bedroom and looking forward to design and convert your bedroom into a restful and beautiful space.


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