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How to create a home inspired by nature

Peace, serenity, calm are such words that nurture you, but have you ever noticed how do you feel them? This feeling resides in you but needs to be discovered and that can only be done when you live in a nice surrounding with an optimistic aura that only breathes out positivity to you. Greenery is the best way to feel so, as said by many experts. The more you surround yourself with nature, the more you will realize the comfort and the relaxed soul you were searching for. Most of us like to witness a renaissance of homes that are wholly inspired by nature. Therefore it is recommended to adorn your house with all kinds of nature elements. Few elements...

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Place Wall clocks in the Right Direction

We all love changes. Giving a new look to a room is an exciting venture. Wall-Clocks is a brilliant option to add pizzazz to your wall and revamp the look of your home decor. They are more than a timepiece. Wall Clocks add beauty and glamour to the dull walls of the home. With a small investment, one changes the total ambiance of the room. There are endless options available, from quirky, minimalistic, vintage to luxurious clocks. There are some essential details to keep in mind while buying a wall clock. First, think of the space, whether for your living room, Children’s room, bedroom, or kitchen. Second, have an idea about the clock’s size and shape, round, rectangular, square, and...

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4 tips to mix and match modern and Indian décor!

Decorating a house usually gives homely vibes than an empty space with bare walls and dull surroundings. Whether it is the furniture or the décor, every aspect is essential to glisten a home’s charm. Everyone looks forth to create a haven for themselves while imagining decoration. It is not a compulsion that only modern or traditional will do the justice to your house. The choice completely depends on you as to what you are willing to choose. It can be either of them or both of them. Yes, heard me right you can choose both and add them together in your homes. With this choice you will have both styles in your home. There are numerous ways you can mix...

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Ideas to create a family living space with décor and rearrangements

A family living space is where a group of people living in the same house or guests are comfortable and sociable enough with the extreme level of comfort. To create a space full of family vibes wherein all you get is peace, is an interesting concept as it builds your comfort level up to a maximum point. A family living space is important to build according to everyone staying in the house. It is essential to make them feel invited and comfortable as well. The living room is a place in the house where all the family members tend to socialize and enjoy in unison. Therefore space should be bigger than the usual rooms in the house. One can add...

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Home décor idea with a Chic vibe!

Chic is originally a French word and element of fashion family which means sophisticated, adaptation from something vogue and smart elegant style. If you are due in redecorating or decorating your house one of the most recommended vibes to add in your home décor is the Chic Vibe. A chic vibe is like adding an essence of the latest trends in your homes with not too loud but a pretty décor. If you are willing to provide a refined look to your home wherein you feel fresh entering even after a tiring day makes this your ideal idea of decorating.  Here are a few ways you can add a chic vibe in your home: Adapt Black paints, it isn’t a...

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