4 tips to mix and match modern and Indian décor! Writings On The Wall

4 tips to mix and match modern and Indian décor!

Decorating a house usually gives homely vibes than an empty space with bare walls and dull surroundings. Whether it is the furniture or the décor, every aspect is essential to glisten a home’s charm. Everyone looks forth to create a haven for themselves while imagining decoration. It is not a compulsion that only modern Indian decor or traditional decor will do the justice to your house. The choice completely depends on you as to what you are willing to choose. It can be either of them or both of them. Yes, heard me right you can choose both and add them together in your homes. With this choice you will have both styles in your home.

There are numerous ways you can mix and match both of them in a smart way and get the best out of it making your home look quintessential. Check them out below:

  1. Minimal colors:

Using minimum colors is a big highlight for the room as they are the functional part of the outlook. When one enters the room, eyesight drops first at the wall and then the other items around. It is recommended to use neutral colors as they combine with anything and everything around. You do not need to consistently bring changes to it. Instead one can interesting home décor to it. It can be traditional or modern, all up to you. This addition will make it look glamorous and elegant as well. It is said the most crucial factor of modern décor is soothing environment and that is given by these minimal colors.


  1. Ethnic textures and essence:

A modern home is said to have a complete look and even more beautiful glaze if traditional touch is added onto it. One can contrast cushion covers, curtains, rugs, and so many elements like these in their modern homes to provide a balanced look to it. It is a definite charm and works effectively. Not only that you can add pots and vases that add traditional effects to the modern touches in your home.


  1. Indoor plants and Wall planters:

Greenery is neither modern nor traditional. It has its own statement of beauty. People love to add indoor plants and be in constant touch with the nature. This one is especially for those who live in urban and closed areas and do not get to experience and connect with nature. They invite the greenery by adding plants that are meant to be kept indoor and can complement with gracious wall planters.


  1. Addition of vintage items:

Modern backgrounds need a pinch of uniqueness and old school look to make it feel complete. Alone modern backgrounds do look good but contrasting with vintage items it gives the room a new kind of look wherein the vibe is so pure and positive, adding an elegant plus classy look to it.

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