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Place Wall clocks in the Right Direction

We all love changes. Giving a new look to a room is an exciting venture. Wall-Clocks is a brilliant option to add pizzazz to your wall and revamp the look of your home decor. They are more than a timepiece. Wall Clocks add beauty and glamour to the dull walls of the home. With a small investment, one changes the total ambiance of the room. There are endless options available, from quirky, minimalistic, vintage to luxurious clocks. There are some essential details to keep in mind while buying a wall clock. First, think of the space, whether for your living room, Children’s room, bedroom, or kitchen. Second, have an idea about the clock’s size and shape, round, rectangular, square, and many more forms. Pick one that goes with the vibe of your room. Third, The wall clock is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. One should pick a timepiece that adds meaning and character to the room. The most important thing is the position of the wall clock.


There are several interesting facts about the positioning of wall clocks to usher positive vibes and harmony.


Let us consider Vastu while defining the position of clocks in our homes. The best directions to place clocks are the North and East.

1) There is a belief that hanging a clock in the North brings wealth as Lord Ganesh and Kuber rule the north direction.

2) One can place pendulum clocks on the eastern side as it is considered auspicious. The West direction should be the last one to consider.

3) Avoid the South direction as there is a belief that it is the gate of Yama (the god of death).

4) Never buy a clock that depicts a lonely, sorrowful, or depressive image. It spreads negative vibration.

5) Replace the non-working or broken clocks as it denotes obstruction in the flow of life.


Now, let us explore the Fengshui way of placing the clocks.


According to Fengshui, to bring balance and prosperity, one must follow the basic Fengshui principle of placing wall-clock in rooms. The tricking of the needle of the clock spreads energy. Capitalize these auspicious energies into your home. The best positions to set a clock in the house are the South, Northwest, East, Southeast walls.

1) The Northwest wall or sector is favorable for the position of the clock. It brings prosperity. One can place a metal clock in silver, gold, and white color.

2) Placing a clock on the South wall or sector increases productivity. One can select red, purple, pink, or green colors to optimize the positive energies.

3) The East and Southeast direction are auspicious for placing a wall clock. One can use a green or tan color clock.

4) Never place a clock in the North and West direction; they are considered inauspicious. Also, avoid Southwest and Northeast sectors as they do provide stability in love and relationships.

These are some tips from Fengshui’s point of view.

5) Avoid the broken and stopped clocks as it hinders progress.


We can see how different Vastu and Fengshui are from each other. One must choose either and have faith in it. Bring positive vibrations like peace, harmony, and prosperity by focusing on placing the clock in the right direction.


General Tips for placing the clocks-

1)  Do not place clocks above doors and windows as they create inconvenience to look at the time.

2) Remove the broken and non-working clocks.

3) Keep the time one or two minutes ahead of the real-time. It will help one to be punctual.

4) Regularly clean the clock and maintain them; it will prolong their life and remain new.


Chose the right direction of placing wall-clock and drive vibrant energies into your home.

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