Glam up your home this festive season Writings On The Wall

Glam up your home this festive season

We all love to celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm. Our homes reflect the festive spirit. We decorate them with style to feel the good vibes and fresh energy. Some minor changes can revamp the whole look of your home. We invite our guests to our homes and mainly entertain them in the living room. The living space is the life of our house that breathes magic into the air if it is elegantly decorated. Writings on the Wall has come up with some exciting and unique ideas to dazzle your home beautifully.


Apply these simple tricks to your home and give it a brand new look.


1) Play with colors:

The living room is the most social place in a house. The guest should feel welcomed and comfortable sitting there. Nobody likes boring white walls looking at them. So sizzle them up, add colors to it. Select an elegant piece of abstract art or hand-made oil painting that appeals to your mind. It is a creative way that imparts a modern look to your lying space. You can also add warm and bright cushion covers and curtains. Mix and match them. These minor changes will give a new look to your home.


2) Beautify your home with indoor planters:

Today indoor planters are in vogue. Refresh your work and living space by adding lush green plants. They are a visual treat. You feel connected to nature. They have many benefits like cleans the air, reduces stress, etc. Different shapes, sizes, and colors of pots are perfect for home decor.


3) Adorn your home with artistic wall decor:

Little investment in wall decor changes the aura of the room. Buy minimalist and elegant wall clocks that are in trend. A designer wall-clock is a fashion statement; it adds glamour to bland and boring walls. The second option is to hang a designer wall mirror. A mirror makes the room look more spacious as it reflects light. So, check out our collection and select a luxurious wall mirror right now. Both the wall-clock and mirror are functional and work as a decorative piece of art. There are many options available in wall hangings, a set of designer plates on the wall is in style. It looks gives a fresh look and revamps the face of the room.


4) An Inviting set up of Dining table:

Setting the table for some special occasion looks impressive and appealing to the guest. It adds more flavor to your food. Firstly, one should pick up luxurious cutlery—mix and match although use the same color. Then, decide the centerpiece; it is a highlight of the table. You can add scented candles, beautifully arranged flowers, placing them in a manner so that it doesn’t hinder the view of one another. Smaller vases and candles can bring in use.


5) Declutter your home:

The things which are no longer in use one should get rid of it. This makes your house more spacious. You can experiment and add new items to these spaces. This little gesture imparts good vibes into your home.


Shower some love and care on your home by following these small tips. Welcome auspicious energies and harmony into your home.

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