Collection: Our Featured Artist - Ansh Batra!


“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist,” – the motto of a 15 year-old boy Ansh Batra, a child with autism. Hailing from Gurugram, Ansh found his inner voice in brushstrokes. Within the space of a frame, Ansh tries to build a world that is undeniably unique and different from the world we live in. His canvas is his playground, he plays with colors and every stroke expresses his emotions. Though he cannot speak, his works hold blissful conversations on his behalf.

His vocabulary and language skills are very limited and impaired due to autism but as they say - if God closes one door, it shows light through other. Ansh, with his special needs, has found his calling in the world of Art .

Extremely hyperactive by nature, Art is what brings calmness to his life . A power house of energy Art/painting is what makes him sit at a place. An extremely stressed out Mother while trying out everything possible to help his son accidentally introduced him to colours 4 years back, and his journey started from there. With the help of mentors and teachers, Ansh was able to channelize his energy into beautiful shades and hues of his imagination.

Ansh has attended more then 47 exhibitions and has done 4 solo shows till date. He has participated at various galleries like Indian Habitat center, Artizen Art gallery, Gandhi art gallery, Absolute Art, colour and canvas, Meraki Art gallery and many more. He has participated in various online/offline art competitions and won prizes for his extraordinary artwork. Some of his paintings were displayed for auctions and he raised money to be donated to an NGO working for children with Autism.

He has sold more then 450 paintings in last 3 years and his paintings have found many buyers at private and corporate level, including high profile people who have loved his work and his zeal. His paintings are also finding new homes at international level - travelling to USA, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Rumania, Germany, Hong Kong etc.

His journey has been published at various newspaper like Hindustan times, Dainik Jagran, Indian express and at various online platform like Newz hook, Brilliant Magazine, Hut café, Motivate India, All about spectrum, forum for able, Indian Network, Reservoir neurodiversity, Spicejet, Sarodhya collectives, cultural reverence magazine etc.

Writings On The Wall is extremely proud and honored to feature this special artist and be a part of his 'colorful' journey. We wish him the best and wholeheartedly believe that he is going to attain new heights in the world of art by being who he is - a superkid!