Collection: Our Featured Artist - Nishi Puri!

Nishi Puri, our featured artist, is a lovely homemaker and a clinical psychologist, in addition to being the meticulous visionary artist with imaginative visions that can sway you off your feet. She is the one you can count on when it comes to creating something extraordinary to brighten up a wall with thoughtful ideas in the form of her beautiful paintings. Her body of work is not limited to only one type, instead she excels in any type of artwork she lays her hands on. She has an in-house studio where she creates scintillating pieces by filling up the blank canvas with innumerable colors and her thoughts. She seeks inspiration from different places and plays around with it perfectly with her flawless brushstrokes.

Nishi’s encapsulating broad range of paintings involving abstract to portraits to spiritual to various other paintings are something no one can miss out. Her biggest strength is her imagination and observation. Her childhood was where it all started, as creativity runs in her DNA. And once she started, she knew she was in love with this form of expression. Her summer vacations were all about painting and so is her present. She put a hold to this passion of hers until her kids grew up, and found her way back after few years into it as she realized it was time to be herself again and do something for her own self. Her family is her biggest support system and have been constantly encouraging her to keep doing what she loves to do. She wholly believes in colors and the vibe of it is what keeps her going.

‘Writings On The Wall’ feels proud to feature Nishi Puri as an artist who believes in living her passion and finds her contentment in adding love, happiness and warmth to someone’s life when they decide to make her soulful art a part of their space.