Collection: Our Featured Artist - Debarghya Chaudhuri!

They say you have got to be Real to create something crazy and magical, and the statement is nothing but veracious in the case of our teenage Featured Artist, Debarghya Chaudhuri.

Hailing from the city of Gurugram, Debarghya has spent his 16 years searching for his purpose in life through his art.

This journey of his has certainly been a challenging one too with the presence of autism in it but that has never stopped our amazing artist to push the envelope in every direction possible and create something mystical.

His artwork ranges from landscapes to abstracts, and the professional art world is already taking notes of his fabulous creativity.

His art has been enlisted with professional art galleries and international exhibitions.

GAIA: The Origin Exhibition with MADS Milano Art Gallery Milan, Vulcan Art Galleries, Original Magazine UK are to name a few.


Debarghya is versatile and his brush strokes are his strength. His natural intuition about colours and composition surprises us every day. He keeps challenging himself with new ideas, textures, colours, tools like comb, brush, kitchen utensils and tissue cardboard rolls … and he totally loves it! One humorous thing is he identifies the Skype ringtone with painting time as his teachers take online classes on Skype.

He also gets bored easily so it’s not possible to make him practice anything in particular, which makes every painting a discovery in itself. He has difficulty in understanding verbal instructions. But just like a sponge, he absorbs what’s demonstrated and gives it a unique twist.

Writings On The Wall is extremely proud to feature such a talent and grateful that Debu chose us to share his story and his extraordinary art with the world. We would love our viewers to extend their encouragement to this super talented kid!