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Explore & Experience Living Space Positivity... We Tell You How!

Infographic on how to add positivity to living room space

Home is where you believe your heart lies. It means your home is the space where you enjoy spending your time and feel comfortable. A place where you experience peace and relaxation after a long day at work.
There are many easy steps to follow to bring positive energy into your house. Apart from contributing to the general health and well-being of the residents, making a home brighter, cleaner, and adding positivity to it also benefits caregivers and guests.

Ways to increase positive energy and peace in your home:
1. Declutter your space: 
Take a weekend to initiate decluttering your home and clear out things you don’t need. You’ll probably be surprised by what proportion you can eliminate to help organize your living space. A clean, clutter-free space will provide you with peace and a calm environment. It’ll help ease your mind because you won’t constantly be thinking about how you “need to wash that up” or “need to arrange that.”

2. Use an essential oil diffuser:
There are essential oil recipes for everything including reducing stress, boosting mood, alleviating anxiety, and depression, increasing focus and concentration, and promoting peaceful sleep. There are many affordable, aesthetically-pleasing diffusers on the market. It’s easy to pick one that matches your decor.
Here are five oils that we recommend:
• Lavender soothes and calms you.
• Sweet orange supports a positive mood.
• Ylang Ylang calms and relaxes you.
• Bergamot reduces anxiety, fatigue, and stress.
• Frankincense promotes focus and concentration.

 Hanging wall planters has a couple of benefits upon human health and the environment. To add some charm to your space, discover our exquisite collection of trendy wall planters here - https://writingsonthewall.in/collections/planters.

3. Incorporate some flowers and plants in every corner:
Flowers are an instant mood booster. Bright colors, such as pink, orange, or yellow, promote increased energy and focus. Cool colors, such as baby blue or lavender, promote calming and positive vibes. Plants and flowers also have aroma-therapeutic properties, similar to the benefits of essential oils. Incorporating plants into a household offers dozens of benefits like improving air quality, beautifying a space, adding personality to an area and living houseplants have also been shown to improve the emotions and mental states of ill or elderly patients. A few plants we recommend below will bring some luck to your family.
• Bonsai
• Snake plant
• Bamboo plant
• Spider plant

4. Add some spiritual artwork and charming décor to your space
Wall decorations with spiritual sayings or other inspiring quotes add positive vibes to any room. Inspiring images of lord Buddha and holy quotes have an uplifting effect on you and your home. Your household is a direct extension of you, so design it to represent you well. Dull walls can not only hamper the beauty of your home but also create a dull atmosphere irrespective of how good your interior is. You can visit our website https://writingsonthewall.in/

Some paintings we recommend:
• Antique Buddha painting https://writingsonthewall.in/collections/peaceful-idols/products/antique-buddha-painting
• Meditation painting https://writingsonthewall.in/collections/peaceful-idols/products/buddha-meditating-gesture-painting
• OM mandala painting https://writingsonthewall.in/collections/peaceful-idols/products/mandala-om-painting

5. Use natural sunlight to enhance the aura of your room:
Natural sunlight stimulates the access of vitamin D, which elevates mood and makes people feel happier almost instantly. Ample access to natural sunlight can help alleviate depressive symptoms and uplift lonely, ill, or aging patients.
To capitalize upon the positive powers of sunlight, open blinds, and flinch curtains to let natural light into the space. Cleaning glass windows and removing obstructions that block light also can help make the space feel brighter and more positive.

    At the end of the day, your home should be a happy place, and only you know what makes you the happiest.

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