Decorating Mishaps: Avoid These Common Home Design Blunders!

5 mistakes one makes while decorating their homes!

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Decorating Your Home: Short curtains, painting before decor, ignoring comfort, cluttered displays, and wrong-sized furniture.

Home decor is something that does not have any specific order or way of doing. It comes naturally according to the owner’s taste, personality, and whatever makes them comfortable. Sometimes we don’t understand what is missing or what home decor ideas or things do not fit in the picture! These mistakes can spoil the comfort and look of our luxury home decor.

Below are some common mistakes that we overlook while decorating our homes and can make a huge difference:

1.Short heightened curtains-
To manipulate your vacant window space does not choose short heightened curtains. To increase the area, hang your curtains to a proper level wherein it’s not too low and not too high. Due to the uneven part covering the window can feel unobstructed and blocks the natural light falling into the room. It also makes the window looks relatively tiny and affects the look, feels of paintings for the living room. It is a prevalent mistake made while decorating the home that should not be ignored.

2.Preferring painting before decorating-
It seems very easy to dress the walls with beautiful landscape paintings and then move on to selecting the wall hangings décor or Modern art painting. Well, this sounds quite comforting even though it is not as the proportion can go wrong. It is a common mistake and can look out of the blue and not very pleasing as you will not be able to relate to what is going on! Therefore, prefer putting furniture, wall clock, wall mirror, metal decor elements selection and purchase before making this bold choice of selecting the colors for your wall. It will create a good impact and make your home look as if it is communicating with you.

3.Avoiding comfort-
Nothing ruins an admirable setting until your comfort isn’t the priority there. Out of fashion and trends, people tend to choose items that they are not sure will bring comfort. Comfort is always the first thing one should automate while setting up their homes. This also cover the visual interior comfort that can come with wall art abstract painting, vintage wall clocks. It is the only place one prefers to come after a tiring day so that they can easily tuck away all the worries and relax, completely drowning in their comfortable space and zone.

4.Limit the items in your display-
Declutter all the extra elements that overlap each other and causing a mess. Just one look at it can cause uneasiness and irritability. A limited set of items that are always in front of you with clear visibility will help you reduce stress and feel quite optimistic and light. It is better to get rid of extra stuff that is only occupying space. Do not let anything accumulate into a pile and cause you to worry; instead, find a new area and employ them to the preferred place itself. Choose a variety of storage boxes options to do so for every item.

5.Selecting wrong size furniture-
Not everyone has excellent bonding with appropriate sizes and proportions. It becomes challenging to put the exact size according to the demand of the space. It isn’t necessary to fill up a lot into big homes and limit yourself when it is a small house. One just needs to get the proportions right. If you balance it well with space, it will be a eureka moment for you. Every area asks for a specific shape, size, length, and width. That doesn’t mean you cannot add spark to your homes. It means you just need to consider a few proportion facts and you are good to go.

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