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Perfect Places for Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors are the life of interior decoration; they put their spell on the walls. They brighten and broaden the space of living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms wherever you place them. A mirror is a fantastic product to give character and meaning to your area. It is more than a functional piece; it a fashion statement nowadays. With a minimal investment, one can transform the aura of a room. Designer Wall Mirror Online drives beauty and glamour to dull walls. Wall mirrors are a great way to adorn your home interiors. However, placing a wall mirror in the right direction is an art. Buy Wall Decor Online India and reinvent your home and offices. 

Are wall mirrors important for your space? 

Yes, as famous interior designers agree that a mirror gives a complete look to a room. 

A well-placed mirror creates an illusion; it absorbs the natural and artificial lights and makes sense of a bigger room. It hides flaws and imperfections of the room, as it attracts the attention of the onlookers. 

If one needs to cover the blemishes of a wall, one can easily substitute it with a large wall mirror.A designer wall mirror escorts a wow factor to the entrance of a house or wall of an office. Wall Mirror Online comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors with minimalist, vintage, chic or luxurious looks. A plethora of alternatives is available for Wall Mirror Online.  

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Read on to discover the right place for your wall mirror.

Positioning a wall mirror at the right place is a skill one learns with experiment; that’s why we have come up with advice for you. According to Vastu, mirrors are a great source of energy. They have the power to increase the flow of positive energy. 

i) Place a wall mirror 4-5 inches above the ground. One should never place two mirrors opposite to each other as they will generate negative energy.

ii) Positioning a mirror opposite to a window brings positive energy and bright sunlight into space.

 iii) Vastu experts believe placing a mirror in the dining area is auspicious for our health, food, and wealth. 

iv)  Adorn all the decorative items like a mirror, wall clocks, etc.. at North and East walls as it reflects natural light. 

General Tips for well-positioned wall mirrors online - 

We all Buy Wall Decor online in India to convert houses into our homes by giving a personal touch.

i) Before shopping for a designer, Wall mirror online, keep in mind space or room. 

ii) Best places to furnish a wall mirror are entryways and dining rooms and style them according to your taste in the living room, bedroom, and bathrooms.

iii) Long mirrors create a dramatic look; can use in long hallways or small rooms

iv) While mounting mirrors, one must be cautious; choose a flat surface.

v) Experiment with grouping mirrors of different sizes on a wall to add visual appeal.

vi) Focus on the details of the mirrors, such as frames, design, and polish. Pick that mirror that goes with the vibe of your home.

vii) Small mirror looks good on small wall whereas the bigger ones on the large walls. Place them at an eye-level height, not too low or high. 

viii) Clean wall mirrors regularly; immediately replace the cracked or broken mirrors for safety and avoiding negative energy. 

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Wall Mirror Online is a desirable option to invest in. Buy Wall Decor Online and add beauty and glamour to your living space. Stay connected with us for more valuable tips and give your reviews on Instagram and Facebook.

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