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Enhancing home décor with Wall Clocks

A home is often seen to be a reflection of the personalities of the ones living in the four-walled quarters. The décor inside this homely zone adds meaning and character to the complete ambiance of the house. Wall clocks can never be skipped while talking about wall décor. At first glance, wall clocks may seem repetitive due to the fact that modern technology has devised portable and simpler tools to know time. However, wall clocks as decorative pieces can effortlessly infuse more meaning and significance to the personality of the residents.

The Generation of Wall clocks

In earlier times, when technology hadn’t been as advanced, wall clocks dominated the walls of each room including the kitchen. “The need to know the time, wherever one was necessary, so we had clocks almost everywhere back then,” tells 80-year-old Kamala Devi.

In the present times, clocks have regained their lost value in the form of decorative items that enhance the décor of a home in an unprecedented manner. Apart from adding a stylistic touch to a bare wall, wall clocks also complement the décor and bring a whimsical feel to any room.

While a large wall clock looks perfect in the bigger rooms of the house like the living room, the smaller ones look absolutely stunning in the kitchen or the smaller rooms. Interior designers often recommend the medium-sized wall clocks for the dining room or study room.

Depending on the color, the light colored wall clocks go well with the soft vibe of a bedroom while the children’s room needs a creative clock to ramp up their imaginative skills as well.

Decorative wall clocks, in general, are recognized as a style statement by many.

The versatility of Wall Clocks

The versatility of clocks stands unmatched as, clocks range from cuckoo clocks and pendulum clocks to antique wall clocks, from modern stylish ones to the rather subtle and chic ones.

Each wall clock represents a set of persona that is embodied adequately by the right clocks. While vintage clocks that usually are either metal or wooden made and possess roman numerals stand out, other options like the spherical clocks that look like train station clocks also fancy the eyes of the onlookers.

Experts often say that the charm and elegance that wall clocks bring to the décor is exquisite in its own form.

At Writings on the Wall, it is believed that “A wall clock is not just a wall clock. It is a piece of art, a piece of wall decor which not only fulfils its traditional job but also uplifts the look and vibe of any space. Match it with the decor of your place and watch it bring a beautiful change to it in an instant!”

With a vivid collection of wall clocks chosen carefully from around the world, crafted with exotic and rare elements these clocks can raise the bar for any bare wall.

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