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Swans By Ashuma  Writings On The Wall
Swans By Ashuma
Swans By Ashuma
Swans By Ashuma
Swans By Ashuma  Writings On The Wall
Swans By Ashuma

Swans By Ashuma

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While WOTW constantly keeps looking for the best for ways to  upgrade your space, we are excited to have connected with Ashuma Sachdeva, who is a well known New Delhi based Movement Facilitator, Corporate Trainer and Performance Consultant. She launched her Movement Facilitation practice in 2012. Ashuma’s joy shops are known for their energy, and learning with fun. We assure you if you meet her, you are bringing along so much love and happy vibes back home!

She introduced us to her latest offering, Swans! In her words.......

"One of the realization of my life is Mutual Love , and Mutual Respect. When you find that person you feel content, and loved. 

Pair of Swans represent soulmates for life , they stand for trust , loyalty , chemistry with each other, they complete each other. 

Swan represent grace, and inner beauty. 

So when you buy this swan picture, visualize your soulmate... that you both are calm, and serene... and in love with each other basking under moonshine. 

You can hang them, where you can see often, and your soulmate is manifested. 

If you already have one, cherish your soulmate, love your soulmate, hold it close to your heart, feel blessed, feel loved, feel contented... and swans is a physical, visual representation to eternalize this feeling."

Checkout here what she has to say about these swans!


Material: Canvas print with jute fabric base and wooden frame
Size: Approx 1 foot
Caring instructions: Convenient cleaning
Where can you use?
  1. Can be used in your living rooms or bedroom
  2. Can be hung on your office walls.
  3. Can be used for gifting purpose.
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