Hopeful Equine Art: Symbolic 'Lucky Seven Horses' Painting Inspiring a Brighter Future

Lucky seven horses painting for a better tomorrow

Discover the significance and benefits of a Lucky Seven Horses painting in Vastu Shastra. Bring speed, stability, and success into your life with this auspicious artwork.

In today’s fast-paced world, the one common thing everyone wants is success. At times, one tries hard but doesn’t succeed, but that doesn’t prove that person attempted less. The efforts and the approach matters because karma shapes your tomorrow. Vastu explains that energy can be both negative and positive. The positive vibes in your environment lead to a happy and prosperous life. Vastu Shastra consists of various ways of bringing good luck and fortune into one's life. One of these ways is to get a Lucky seven horses painting, which Vastu says brings speed and stability in life.

Why the running horse?

In a lifetime everyone might have come across seven running horse paintings probably in some office, art gallery, hotel, or at someone’s home. Why do you think people put running horse wall painting? Because everything has some significance on this planet.

Well, the number seven has a special meaning and is considered a lucky number in lucky seven horses painting, in other places too:

The rainbow has seven colors that bring positivity, the bride and groom take seven oaths at a Hindu wedding to stay together for seven births, and the seven wise men (saptarishi) of ancient India represent the number seven. This seven-running horse painting is 'of great importance and has many advantages. This article is all about seven running horse painting auspiciousness.

Significance of running seven horses

In Hinduism, Lord Surya rides a chariot that has seven horses. Therefore, these seven horses are very optimistic. The seven running horse painting also has special meaning in the Vastu. The horse is considered the symbol of power and success, and hence this seven running horse painting brings success and influence in personal and professional life.

The lucky seven horses painting brings positivity to life and removes negative vibes. According to Vastu Shastra, these lucky seven horses balance the energy in his house, and the lucky seven horses are seen as symbols of peace, success, and progress.

Benefits of running seven horses art:

Running seven horses depicts speed. In this fast-growing world where everyone wants to succeed, speed plays an important role. By hanging this auspicious horse painting in living room, one can notice how quickly they accomplish any life tasks.

Lucky seven horses painting ensures success in all areas of life.

Seven running horse painting brings financial stability to an individual's life.
Not just the Vastu Shastra, even the Feng Shui says believes horses depict courage, endurance, and speed. Therefore, horse painting on wall is important because it brings good luck.

In addition, the painting of seven horses in a chariot with Lord Surya (The Sun) is considered even more auspicious. As per Hindu beliefs, SUN is the only god we can see, feel but cannot touch. 

Where to put lucky seven horses painting?

This lucky seven horses painting should be on the east wall of your house or office space. The running horse wall painting can also be hung on the north wall. This leads to promotion in the service sector and brings prosperity and wealth to the household. The artwork on the south side of the house bears name and fame. Also, it creates a positive environment in the home and enables a person to be successful in life.

It is essential to know if you cannot place the lucky seven horses on the south side; it is advisable to suspend this lucky painting at the front of your home window.

Also, avoid hanging a painting of a single horse around your space. To clarify, it is considered inauspicious and stops the wealth from entering your home. In the picture, the horses should run on the ground, and the full image of the horse should be fully visible. Avoid hanging the running horse wall painting where the horseshoe is not visible.


The horses in the painting should not be angry but should represent happiness and courage. In addition, there should be symmetry in galloping horses. In addition, it is not recommended to hang this picture in your study room, temple, bedroom, on the front door, or near the bathroom. If you have noted everything and are looking to buy the right product for steering your hard work and efforts, then get the rightly portrayed lucky seven horses painting and much such stuff that can benefit you in your growth from Writings on the walls. 

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