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The flawless spot of a Wall Lamp!

"When darkness succumbs your soul the eyes altogether search for a soft and safe spot to comfort the feeble mind meandering everywhere."

Wall lamps from Writings On The Wall

When an un-illuminated incident glooms away your light and all you feel is doomed, a minor spark is all you require to uplift you. Your sight demands comfort and so does your soul. A tiresome day full of routine chores and socializing leads up to a situation where you need yourself to be silent and in serendipity. Many things can help you gain comfort from your heavy baggage and lets you smile away as your soul has relaxed.

It is quite amusing and surprising how a wall lamp can create a big difference in giving you the comfort you look all day for. Just to let you know there are three types of wall lamps and it's usage in a household.

Never heard of that?

Let me introduce you and tell you about them:

Luxury light:

When a home decoration or a redecoration is being planned people who are willing to spend a good amount of money on the beauty of the house explicitly try to fit in the best of all. Their choices aren't based on monetary bases that much but the preference goes to nothing missing in the house. So this is one type of wall lamp we can say which is called the luxury light.

Cozy light:

A comfortable aura is a necessity for every human in this fast-moving world. No one has enough time to even look at themselves and forget to relax as they have shielded their aura with a great amount of work and worries. It is a small thought but an effective one to add a wall lamp in a special corner of your room that acts as your cozy light. The entire day of hard work gives you satisfaction by just the thought of sitting in that place you adore with the light falling over you and your favorite book has the hand on it. Cozy light can give you a whole another perspective to be yourself.

Midnight savior:

Sounds dreamy? Allow me to introduce you to this wall lamp that is an essential object for the ones who cannot sleep without light around them. It can be the fear of darkness they have this wall lamp installed or maybe it is the thought of having light 24*7 in their life and gazillion of reasons to do so. This special wall lamp acts as a midnight savior and allows you to sleep peacefully.


Did you ever think about it this way that a little form of light can bring such a huge difference and impact in your life? Doesn't it sound so comforting to have a glistening light in the world of dull auras? It is quite easy to find a dark zone to make you feel more uncomfortable but it is difficult to pull yourself out and place that negative side into a positive light that makes you happy and smile always. Therefore choose wisely and give that quintessential touch to your surroundings.

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