Enhance Décor and Wellbeing with Stylish Wall Planters!

Everything’s Better with Wall Planters!

Discover the benefits of wall planters in creating indoor gardens! Improve air quality, regulate temperature, and enhance your home's design. Shop now at Writings On The Wall!

Have you ever heard of a vertical garden or of a contemporary hanging planter? If you have heard of green or live walls, then you almost certainly realize the trend of hanging wall planters. Lots of people are taking this trend into their homes by making use of wall planters to start building their indoor gardens.

Why Wall Planters?

Hanging wall planters is getting popular as people realize their versatility. They might be hung in our homes to showcase a trendy interior design or be displayed in offices and conference rooms to spruce up a dull corporate environment. Building an indoor garden can help to keep your home insulated from noise, pollution, and warmth also. Consequently, the planters can control the temperature of your interiors and maintain them according to your comfort. Let us talk about a few more benefits of having wall planters in your home:

  • It is a healthy practice. A bare wall that is directly exposed to the sun will contribute to heat conduction in the house. By using these planters, the air inside your home gets purified, the temperature becomes regulated and you lessen your home’s impact on the environment.
  • It provides curb appeal to your home. It overall improves the inside design and makes it worthy of magazines.
    It is often used as a screen or divider. Using hanging planters and air plants, can hide unwanted views or make your walls flawless.
  • You get to save lots of your back from all the bending, crouching, squatting, and more that is needed to grow and maintain your greens.


Apart from these benefits, living walls offer space-saving and high impact methods of bringing nature to the built environment, thus allowing residents, employees, customers, and patients to benefit from the healing power of plants. So, decorate your walls with these exquisite wall planters and add aesthetic value to your home. Choose whatever best compliments your home from the variety of planters at Writings On The Wall now!

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